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Motorsports & Fabrication specialists

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Automotive & UTV

We will handle your build from design stages, all the way to the final installation and any maintenance you need throughout the life of your vehicle

Scale Crawlers

From complete one-off RTR builds to bumpers, truggie back-half builds and custom exo cages for your own rig

Welding Services & Repairs

If it’s weldable, we will repair it. Have an idea for something but no welder? We’ve got you covered. Mower decks, camera mounts, tree stands, dog cages, furniture, excavator bucket teeth, dump truck beds, custom welding rig beds, custom gates, we’ve seen it all! We also offer mobile Stick and TIG services, done on an appointment-only basis.

What Division are you looking for?

About US

Hey! I’m Lyndsey Anders and I have always had a passion for the truck industry and customizing my own. When I met my husband, AJ, he was always building his own trucks and custom trail rigs. AJ grew up in his dad’s fab shop and has many years of experience in MIG, TIG, and Stick welding processes. I came from a business background so we thought what better than to combine our talents and start our own business. So we created Anders Fab in 2018 to take our shared passion to the next level. Since then we have had the pleasure to work on some great builds for customers and ourselves. As a small business, we are incredibly grateful for your support! 

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