SCale Crawlers

From Mild to wild, Shelf queen to trail rig, we will make your scale build come to life

We offer Something for every budget

Replica Build

When others say it can't be done, we make it happen. Either send us a rig you already own or we can start from scratch and handle the fab work, body work, and part sourcing.



The most popular option, this style can be budget friendly or we can go crazy with it and incorporate an exo cage and bumpers. These builds are also great candidates for hinge style mounting for easy battery access.

Full Custom Chassis

One of my best performing crawlers is the chassis that I designed myself. What's great about this style is the options are endless on mounting points, weight distribution, axle style, and tuning for the best performance of articulation. Typically, we will start with a skid and axles and build off of that, we can also build it to fit a specific body.


Exo Cage

This style is over the top and can involve frame modification and body modification. The gladiator in the picture had a full exo cage on hinge style mounting, 4 wheel steer, rear winch, bed delete, custom shock mounting, and light bar enclosures.


Body Work, Wiring, Repairs, 3D Printing & Drivetrain

Your tiny truck mechanic shop! We are experienced in body work, paint jobs, soldering, wiring for accessories, installation of new parts, and repairs. Want to add some scale accessories to your build? We have a variety of 3D printed parts we can add to your build! We will also advise you on the best drivetrain setups for your buggy after we modify it and add a few pounds to its' weight.

From Mild to wild, Shelf queen to trail rig, we will make your scale build come to life

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